“Helen has worked wonders with my fitness. My badminton has improved 100% and I now win most games”
Susan Russell

How can Pilates help?

Helen Atkinson
  • Helps alleviate back pain. Strengthening the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles stabilises the lower back and pelvis. The posture improves and the spine becomes more flexible. Even long-term sufferers experience complete freedom from pain. However bad your pain, Pilates is a safe form of exercise as long as it’s carried out under proper supervision. I work closely with your physiotherapist or osteopath to ensure we follow the right programme for you.
  • Enhances sports performance. Pilates is a great way to improve mobility, power, agility and endurance. Every exercise is tailored towards your sport and goals. For example, you can up your game with a better golf swing or tennis serve, increase your strength and protect yourself from injury on the ski slopes, or improve your balance and alignment for better dance moves or a more economical running style.
  • Helen Atkinson
  • Rehabilitates after injuries and operations. After consultation with your physiotherapist, I work on a series of safe sessions that assist recovery from sports or other injuries and surgery. Pilates strengthens supporting muscles, improves the posture, enables you to exercise safely while injured, and gets you back to active life more quickly.
  • Creates a slimmer more toned body. Flatter tums, trimmer bums, toned arms and slimmer thighs are just some of the benefits of Pilates. Ealing Pilates uses specialist equipment that provides an endless variety of toning and cardiovascular exercises to lengthen your muscles for that longer leaner look.
  • Addresses the fitness needs of pregnant and post-natal women. Specific exercises strengthen the core and promote relaxation in preparation for the birth. Pilates rectifies problems caused in the spine by carrying extra weight. Upper body strength is worked on in preparation for holding a growing baby. After the birth, Pilates improves the abdominals, pelvic floor muscles and posture - a safe and fast way to regain your pre-pregnancy shape,
  • Improves wellbeing across a wide range of health problems. Sufferers of osteoporosis and osteopaenia use safe impact exercises and resistance work to help prevent a reduction in bone density. Pilates benefits people suffering from stress, arthritis, MS, and many other problems. Establishing a connection between body and mind brings better mental focus, greater physical control and an increase in confidence. Pilates makes you feel positive about your body and keeps you active.