“Seven years ago I struggled to walk and wore a brace. Helen’s tailored programme enabled me to avoid an operation. I now run 3 times a week! ”
Frances Pye

Pilates sessions

Helen Atkinson

STOTT Pilates

Sessions at Ealing Pilates are based on STOTT Pilates, which applies today’s knowledge of how the body works to the exercise method pioneered by Joseph Pilates. Like traditional Pilates, the precise movements strengthen the abdominals and pelvic floor, stabilise the core and lower back muscles and improve flexibility and posture.

How STOTT Pilates works

STOTT Pilates is a dynamic form of Pilates that uses specially developed equipment as well as simple mat exercises. It can help everyone from an accomplished athlete to someone with debilitating back problems because the programme is prescribed especially for you. STOTT equipment is designed so that you can work every area of your body.

One-to-one Pilates sessions

Getting the movements right in Pilates is vital if you are to reap the benefits. That’s why individual attention is important. Everyone’s body is different. In one-to-one sessions your body’s very specific needs can be met, and you make progress much more quickly towards your goals.

Booking a session

You can book sessions at times that suit you, including evenings and weekends. I work flexible hours and will do my best to fit in with your timetable.

Price: £50 per 1 hour session

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start time of your session. Cancellation: please give at least 24 hours notice or a full fee is charged.