“Helen has used Pilates to help me improve my tennis. Flexibility, power, and precision have been the main immediate benefits.”
David Aldric


Helen Atkinson

The body and its workings have always fascinated me. And I’ve always loved exercise. It was my classical and contemporary dance training that first led me to Pilates in 1977.

Pilates helped me get back on my feet after a serious injury and a period on crutches. Over the next two decades I taught body conditioning, stretch, gymnastics, aerobics, step and aqua aerobics, often applying Pilates techniques.

Helen AtkinsonIn 1998 I began teaching Pilates. Several intensive STOTT Pilates courses later I am a Certified STOTT Instructor. My starting point is postural analysis and an understanding of needs and goals. It’s incredible what your body can achieve when it is prescribed the right programme.

My personal experience of Pilates is that it develops a connection between body and mind that brings a greater feeling of wellbeing to everything you do. It enhances the way you move, improves the way you look and feel, and boosts your confidence. It also allows those with physical difficulties to lead more active lives for longer.

Pilates makes an extraordinary difference to my own life, and I find it extremely rewarding helping others enjoy the same benefits.

Helen Atkinson
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